A work in progress screenprint

It’s so clear when something is made with love. It might not be to your taste. It might not reflect the values you hold dear. But if it’s made with care, craft and thought — that quality sings through.

That kind of work benefits all. It’s enjoyable to use or engage with. It’s also enjoyable and satisfying to make — there’s a buzz when you know in your bones that something is ‘right’.

This principle works at all scales from building a skyscraper to designing a postcard.

Your work will also have other aims and objectives, but sometimes these can feel distant or somewhat disconnected. In those cases, aiming to invest the work with love is a good strategy as it’s something within your control.

As to how — there are a million ways to do it. It’s about having a deep appreciation for your specific audience and a respect for their time and attention. Much of the work you will do will be invisible, as a lot of it is in the editing and refining of things, but the effect will be indelible.

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