Backhanded compliments

Some people have a special talent for giving backhanded compliments. These can sting in the moment but are often very funny in the retelling.

The image shows a print idea for taking something that was perhaps served as passive aggression and returning it as art. I’d like people to give me their six most memorable backhanded compliments and I’ll add them to the court/print, so each person’s print is hand finished and unique.

This idea builds on this print for celebrating anniversaries where you add a line for every year and these Christmas cards where you need to fill in the blanks. I really want to make work that requires the participation and creativity of the viewer.

Art and design is more fun when you’re involved in making it and I think everyone can be.

I want to make the world a more playful place, find out more here. You can sign up for my newsletter and be part of a playful community here. And you can buy playful products here.



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Sam Griffiths

Sam Griffiths

I want to make things more playful. It’s fun and it makes the world a better place. Want more play in your life? Sign up for my newsletter