A licence to play

I believe a sense of play is massively important but that it can easily be overlooked or undervalued. We live in a world that’s going at a million miles an hour with important and urgent things zipping by or carrying us along. Where is the time for play? And isn’t it just frivolous?

“The opposite of play is not work. It’s depression.”
— Brian Sutton-Smith

This quote gets to the heart of it for me. A playful life is one of joy. And that’s something we should aspire to give everyone.

If you would like to give or have your own literal licence to play, you can order one here.

I want to make the world a more playful place, find out more here. You can sign up for my newsletter and be part of a playful community here. And you can buy playful products here.



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Sam Griffiths

Sam Griffiths


I want to make things more playful. It’s fun and it makes the world a better place. Want more play in your life? Sign up for my newsletter http://griffics.com