The last few years have been pretty shocking. Many things have come to pass that I would not have dreamt were possible, and not in a good way. My hope is that 2020 was a kind of wake up call. That we choose to do things differently. Put the planet…

Great advice from the Green Cross Man

These words are the essence of the Green Cross Code — something very familiar to me as a kid growing up in the eighties. The code aimed to keep kids safe as they crossed the road. The figurehead for the campaign was the Green Cross Man, played by Dave Prowse…

There are lots of different ways for work and play to fit together, here are three.

The first is the delayed gratification model, where all the play comes when you retire, where the aim of the game is to get to that point as quickly as possible.

The second is living for the weekend. Work hard and play harder.

The third is the one I’d like to shoot for, where play and work weave together, feeding each other in a sustaining practice. This is the one model where life isn’t deferred.

Olafur Eliasson, In real life

The work that really excites me right now has the ambition to change something for the better or to be of service in some way. Here are a few things that do that and that I’ve been inspired by this year.

Olafur Eliasson
In real life
A wonderful exhibition whose social purpose…

A gift card. If it’s digital, you don’t need to wrap it or post it. And for those of us who are not wild about making decisions, it’s perfect. The only thing you need to work out is where to buy from. Easy.

I’ve tended to get them for the people who are most difficult to buy for, or when I’m really up against it time-wise.

Anyway, that’s the sales pitch.

If you’d like to get one for my shop, here’s the link.

I want to make the world a more playful place, find out more here. You can sign up for my newsletter and be part of a playful community here. And you can buy playful products here.

Listening to rubbish, looking to find something surprising or beautiful

Toffee Geisha

I’ve been working on a series of drawings and paintings that are prompted by bits of rubbish that I pick up on walks. Very 2020! The image above is one, her head is a toffee wrapper I picked up round the corner. I love this way of working. Sometimes the…

Something everyone should have, at least metaphorically

I believe a sense of play is massively important but that it can easily be overlooked or undervalued. We live in a world that’s going at a million miles an hour with important and urgent things zipping by or carrying us along. Where is the time for play? …

An idea to make me less beholden to my phone

This visual shows an idea I have for a notebook that’s the same size as my phone. It’s something for generating and capturing ideas, where the phone is for consuming those of others. I don’t like that passivity, it eats time and attention.

I’m looking forward to making this for real and putting it in my pocket for a walk. I will not worry about the notifications I have missed or the likes that have or have not materialised. And maybe I’ll have an idea or two.

I want to make the world a more playful place, find out more here. You can sign up for my newsletter and be part of a playful community here. And you can buy playful products here.

I really enjoy making things. A meal, a picture, a joke — whatever. What I really love is when the thing you make becomes something physical, something you can point to and say ‘I did that’. It feels good. It’s even better when it’s something you’re proud of. …

A print best served cold?

Some people have a special talent for giving backhanded compliments. These can sting in the moment but are often very funny in the retelling.

The image shows a print idea for taking something that was perhaps served as passive aggression and returning it as art. I’d like people to give…

Sam Griffiths

I want to make things more playful. It’s fun and it makes the world a better place. Want more play in your life? Sign up for my newsletter

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